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and enlisted personnel use a variation of it is known as the Arch of Rifles.

Generally speaking, after the I do’s are exchanged, the bride and groom leave the service and enter the archway lined by honor guards holding the ceremonial weapons. They may stop to kiss and then pass through. Before completing the symbolic safe passage into marriage, the last two members of the honor guard block their journey while one of guards gives the new military spouse a rather un-ceremonial swat on the rear accompanied by words of welcome to whatever branch of service she has married into. You won’t find it written down anywhere, but perhaps those blocked weapons of choice and swat are also quite symbolic of the challenges military couples face!  Makes you think….

Cake Cutting

At some point, cake must be eaten. Before it can be eaten, a big production must be made of cutting it.  In a military wedding this tradition is even more fun because you get to use a ceremonial sword or saber to cut the cake.  Just let the guy try to shove cake in your face…

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Military Weddings - If you are in the military and are looking to get married.  Check out St Louis Wedding Chapel.  We performed several weddings for military personal.  Did you know that in Missouri you can get married in the same day.  There is no waiting period  And you need not be a resident.  All you need to do is go to any county license office in the State of Missouri and obtain a Missouri Marriage License and then find a Minister.  In St Louis we now have a Las Vegas style wedding chapel.  All you need to get married is a Missouri license, 2 witnesses and a true desire to get married.  We can help you with a simple same day marriage or a beautiful ceremony involving family and friends.  What ever your preference your Wedding Officiant at St Louis Wedding Chapel can help.

Missouri Has 3 Military Bases

Fort Leonard Wood  Pulaski, Missouri

Fort Leonard Wood is a large Army training post located in the heart of the Ozark region in the state of Missouri. The nearest cities are Waynesville, Missouri and St. Robert, Missouri in Pulaski County.

Whiteman AFB  Johnson, Missouri

Whiteman Air Force Base is located in Knob Knoster, Missouri which is approximately 60 miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri in rural Johnson County. The base is home to 3800 active duty military and 5000 family members.

MC Mobilization Command  Kansas City, Missouri

The Marine Corps Mobilization Command serves as the main operations arm for the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

Scott Airforce Base in Il.

How about a Park Wedding

Jefferson Barracks was a U.S. Army post from 1826 to 1946. The museum buildings were part of the ordnance section built in the 1850s. Exhibits, educational programs and special events are presented.  Great Park for a military themed wedding.

Arch of Sabers

In some military weddings, the newly married couple exit the ceremony under an impressive archway of swords, sabers or rifles. This unique tradition is perhaps one of the most defining differences between a military and civilian wedding. It is also sure to rate three tissues for tears of pride.

For commissioned officers, the ceremony is referred to as the Arch of Sabers. Non-commissioned officers

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