Rose Ceremony


A Single Rose is a Symbol of Love and a Beautiful touch to any Wedding Ceremony

There are many different ways to incorporate a rose into a wedding.  But please remember this important fact:  this is your wedding ceremony and you can present a rose in any way that feels right to you.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. A Single Rose


  1. A Rose to Mothers of the Bride and Groom is usually done at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.  Either the  bride and groom can offer a rose to each mother after the presentation of the bride, or they can give a rose at the beginning of the ceremony after prompting by the wedding officiant. 

  1. A Wedding Rose Ceremony is a part of the wedding ceremony that takes place usually after the wedding vows.  Where as the Groom and or Bride can give a single rose to each other symbolic of their love as 1st wedding gift.

  1. A beautiful variant is THE WHITE ROSE CEREMONY, which may be used as an exchange of vows.

Groom (handing his bride a white rose): "take this rose as a symbol of my love. It began as a tiny bud and blossomed, just as my love has grown and blossomed for you."

Bride (placing the rose into a bud vase filled with water): "I take this rose, as a symbol of your love, and place it into water, a symbol of life. For, just as this rose cannot live without water, I cannot live without you."

Groom: "In remembrance of this day, I will give you a white rose each year on our anniversary, as a reaffirmation of my love and the vows spoken here today."

Bride: "And I will refill this vase with water each year, ready to receive your gift, in reaffirmation of the new life you have given me and the vows spoken here today."

Groom (joining hands with bride around vase): "And so, this white rose symbolizes my commitment to you today.

I vow to be a faithful husband to you, to comfort you, honor you, respect you, and cherish you all the days of my life."

Bride: "And I vow to be a faithful wife to you, to comfort you, honor you, respect you, and cherish you all the days of my life".

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