Micro Wedding   -  St Louis Micro Weddings - Micro Wedding in Missouri - Elope Today  - Elope to St Louis Wedding Chapel in St Louis Mo •  St Louis Wedding Chapel is a Premeir Wedding Destination in the Midwest • Thousands of People have have Eloped to St Louis Wedding Chapel over the years. • Growing Micro wedding trend • Elope to St Louis Wedding Chapel  •  We have wedding ceremony packages and elopement specials.  Micro Wedding - Minimony or just looking to get married or find a wedding ministers  •  Or Choose  to Elope with a courthouse wedding  •  Elope in Style with St Louis Wedding Chapel one of the Top wedding destinations in the Midwest  •  ELOPE IN ST LOUIS Today the AFFORDABLE, SIMPLE and UNIQUE Way  • Elopement venue  • Elope at any location in St Louis like your home, hotel lobby, public park, favorite restaurant • Elope in St Louis Today.

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Micro Wedding


Micro weddings

Micro Weddings Starting at $295

Micro Weddings at St Louis Wedding Chapel

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Micro Wedding

Micro Weddings - With a wedding that is Affordable • Unique & Beautiful at St Louis Wedding Chapel

See just how affordable a wedding can be with St Louis Wedding Chapel

Microweddings have been increasing in popularity recently, not just because of Covid ,

But because they can be Simple, Affordable and As Unique as the 2 of You...

Micro weddings typically include a guest list of up to 40 guests...  Which is typically just immediate family and very close friends.  Unlike an elopement, which is usually attended only by the couple and their witness and often performed in secret, but not always. Think of a microwedding as a cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding.  It can be the perfect compromise to suit your style. Call us today for your wedding ceremony, places to elope, last minute weddings, pop up weddings, microwedding, minimony, quick weddings, intimate weddings or even the perfect small traditional wedding...   314-472-5017  Call Today...

Micro Wedding



or just looking to get married